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    Olá amigos, coloco à venda:

    Amplificador de Fone Inglês Arcam como novo, na caixa.

    Excelente amplificador classe A puro, linear. Tocou muito todos os fones que passei nele, projeto maravilhoso da Arcam que incorpora elementos dos integrados mais caros da marca. Muita precisão, controle e maciez no som.

    Celebrado em todos os reviews ele é uma joia do hobby.

    "Ganhador de vários prêmios e escolhido por muitos como o melhor na faixa dos 400-600 dólares. É um amplificador CLASSE A fenomenal e membro do "Wall of fame " do inner fidelity.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Link da Amazon:

    Review da Innerfidelity:

    Seleto grupo do "Wall of fame" Inner fidelity:


    "The rHead has a sound signature both neutral and natural, with a great balance between detail retrieval and musicality. I particularly like the way Arcam handles the critical upper midrange and high frequency spectrum—this is about as nuanced an amp as I've heard without spending crazy money. Imaging and soundstage, though obviously very different from what I normally experience from the speaker side of this system, are also top-of-class. This is a seriously satisfying headphone amp with no apologies needed for price or size."

    "With Lake People soon refreshing their lineup and thus doing away with the G109, it seems appropriate to retire that model and place the Arcam rHead on the Wall of Fame. Arcam's first dedicated headphone product is a clear winner, and sets a very high bar for others to follow—just like their A60 integrated did all those years ago."

    Lista dos melhores headamps da MasterSwitch 2017:


    "The sound is fantastic – articulate, clear, preserving the dynamics without overexciting them. In fact, we’re going to go on record and say that this might be one of the best solid state amps we’ve heard. It’s got a very natural sound, and some complex power circuitry which means that distortion and noise levels are kept to a minimum. We think that it works best when paired with a good DAC, but even if you have a basic one, you’ll still get some great audio quality out of this one. We can’t wait to see what Arcam do next. We just wish we could make sense of that name…"

    Review HIFIplus:


    "Forty and a bit years ago, A&R Cambridge Ltd (now better known as ‘Arcam’) launched its first product: a no-nonsense amplifier called the A60 that took the two-channel audio world by storm. The Arcam rHead continues that tradition for the headphone generation. I’m going to stick my neck out here and give the rHead the nod as my take on the best value in headphone amplification right now. If you only need one input and look at balanced outputs, balance controls, or any kind of tone or aural processing as a waste of your time and money, then the rHead is your kind of no-nonsense amplifier. Strongly recommended!"

    Nota máxima na HifiChoice:

      • Arcam’s new rHead is designed to get the best from a serious pair of headphones, and David Price is suitably impressed.' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine February 2017)
      • 'Arcam’s first full-size headphone amplifier is singularly focused on sound. Features take a back seat, because it doesn’t have anything superfluous to the mission such as a DAC, USB or network connectivity.' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine February 2017)
      • 'It’s highly neutral sounding and doesn’t interfere with the signal it has to work with, nor does it show any fear of the headphones it is asked to drive. Strong, fast, detailed and dynamic, the rHead makes you want to keep on listening through to the early hours.' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine February 2017)
      • 'I keep coming back to its innate transient speed, which is all the more apparent through headphones with ultra-light transducers. This makes music a thrilling listen, yet it never displays so much as a hint of harshness.' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine February 2017)
      • 'An excellent all-rounder... It has every practical feature you need and is in a neat, unassuming yet effective package. Sonically the very model of transparency, it is musically satisfying and doesn’t shy from driving difficult headphones. What’s not to like?' (Hi-Fi Choice Magazine February 2017)

    Descrição do fabricante:

    Arcam has always been known for producing class-leading integrated amplifiers, all of which featured excellent headphone stages. The rHead continues that tradition, but n the highly specialised area of discrete analogue headphone amplification in a small, solidly and beautifully built unit designed to complement the audio system of any headphone lover.

    The rHead is a true linear class A design, resulting in absolutely no crossover distortion for the purest sound. Extensive care has been taken to optimise the layout and areas like multiple ultra-low noise power supplies and a fully direct coupled signal path make a big difference. Also, the volume control is an ultra-linear analogue resistive ladder device, as used in the flagship A49, which eliminates tracking errors which can be found in normal potentiometer-based volume controls.

    Comprehensive protection systems prevent damage to the rHead while not interfering in any way with the ultimate reproduction of the sound - the rHead sounds amazingly natural and completely engaging and reveals the true character of any music that is played through it.

    The rHead is more than capable of driving the most demanding of headphones. Both RCA and XLR inputs (switchable) are available, as well as both 3.5 and 6.35mm sockets, allowing for ultimate headphone listening flexibility.

      • Audiophile class A headphone amplifier
      • 3.5 and 6.35mm headphones supported
      • RCA & XLR inputs supported
      • Ultra-linear analogue volume control
      • High-end audio circuitry
      • Comprehensive protection systems
      • Stylish cast aluminium casework

    Frequency response

    10Hz - 20kHz

    Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

    0.002% at 2V output, 32Ω load

    Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)

    98dB at 2V output, 32Ω load

    Power requirements

    12V DC, 1.5A

    Headphone output power

    2.0W, 16Ω load

    1.1W, 32Ω load

    0.13W, 300Ω load

    Headphone recommended impedance

    16Ω - 600Ω, 3.5 or 6.35mm plug

    Output impedance


    Input levels

    0-4V (RCA)

    0-8V (XLR)


    W194 x H44 x D135mm



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    Esse amplificador é ótimo. Eu tenho um :). Fiz um teste A/B com o Shiit magni3 e coloquei o Shiit pra vender na hora. Eu que não tenho o melhor dos ouvidos senti muita diferença.
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    Amp Negociado, agradeço o espaço e a oportunidade.
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