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Os cabeçotes de gravação e reprodução de gravador de rolo do aparelho Grundig TK341 são identicos?

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  1. Wilson Caltran Lopes

    Wilson Caltran Lopes Usuário

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    Desde 26 Dez 2017
    Anúncio do HT Forum
    Ola amigos, tenho um gravador Grundig TK 341 hi-fi, porém esta gravando somente um lado e creio que seja o cabeçote de gravação pois o som chega até ele perfeito. e tenho um outro cabeçote do mesmo modelo grundig porem que era usado na reprodução, mas são idênticos na aparência e tamanho. posso instalar ele no local do de gravação? vai funcionar? preciso saber antes pois é bem difícil a remoção e instalação. aguardo resposta. obrigado
  2. R. W. Pereira

    R. W. Pereira Usuário

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    Desde 16 Mar 2018
    Olá Wilson

    Normalmente os decks que possuem cabeçotes exclusivos para gravação e reprodução estes são diferentes na sua construção (mesmo que tenham um visual identico): o gap do cabeçote de gravação é mais largo que o gap do cabeçote de reprodução e por isso não são intercambiáveis.
    Pode até "funcionar" mas de modo bastante incorreto e o gravador não terá o desempenho esperado.

    Só com equipamentos de alta ampliação visual (lupa/microscópio) será possível determinar estas dimensões dos gaps destas cabeças de modo que sejam empregadas na sua função primordial (gravação ou reprodução).
    Ou se vc tiver sorte verificando pelos números/códigos das peças que costumam vir impressos neste componentes e de posse da lista/identificação destes componentes pelo fabricante.
  3. edmararj

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    Desde 2 Out 2008
    Rio de Janeiro


    You’ve no doubt heard the rumours. You may have read a few teasers. Perhaps you wondered whether it would actually happen. It’s happening. In May 2018, high-end audio brand Metaxas & Sins will launch one of the world’s first modern day open reel tape recorders. If you’re familiar with the unique work of creator Kostas Metaxas, you’ll know to expect something extremely special indeed, where superlatively authentic sound meets breathtaking design.

    Why now?

    “Reel-to-reel is the new vinyl!” has been the headline-grabbing message across the worldwide audiophile press in recent years, hailing the unexpected revival of the format. Demand for vintage tape decks has risen sharply as those-in-the-know feverishly pick over the more serviceable models still in circulation. Why? For the simple reason that, as musical formats go, open reel tape is the incontestable master of superb sound. But what if you don’t have the know-how to bring an old machine back to working order? And what happens when the supply side runs out?

    Until now, buying a brand new open reel tape deck wasn’t an option. There weren’t any. Production for both consumers and professional studios ceased a couple of decades ago thanks to the advances of the digital age. But what digital technology offers in economies and conveniences, it can never match in soul-stirring, heart-rending, authentic, visceral detail – qualities we were never going to want to live without for too long.

    Why Metaxas?

    One man in particular wouldn’t dream of living without “the whole musical truth,” as he calls it. And so, while many people discussed the idea of developing a brand new, modern-day reel-to-reel tape recorder, Kostas Metaxas quietly got on with the job of doing it.

    While his name may not be the first to spring to mind when you think ‘reel-to-reel tape’, dig a little deeper into his credentials and you’ll realise that he’s the perfect man for the job. Metaxas entered the world of hi-end audio in 1981, carving out his own unique niche and developing a strong worldwide following, not to mention amassing a raft of enviable reviews. Throughout his 35+ years in the industry, however, his business has deliberately remained a family concern. Every Metaxas & Sins product is a bespoke, limited edition hand-made creation crafted from start to finish by Kostas himself alongside his two sons (playfully expressed as ‘sins’ in the company’s name).

    What initially stands out about a Metaxas & Sins product is its unmistakeable design. Far from the usual black or silver box of electronics, this is where hi-fi meets modern art. These pieces are magnificent, avant-garde sculptures. (Turns out Metaxas was already an award-winning designer in a number of other fields, having crafted several world-renowned creations for the likes of Parisian luxury collectibles brand S.T. Dupont.) But don’t imagine for a second that this is a case of ‘all style and no substance’. From the moment you hear it, what stands out about a Metaxas & Sins product is the musical performance. This is state-of-the-art listening. Not a simple matter of sound quality, but rather what Metaxas calls “truth in sound”. You don’t just hear it, you feel it. His company’s tagline, “be there”, is less a motto, more a guiding principle. Which is where the link to open reel tape comes in…


    Metaxas has been a committed fan of open reel tape from the outset. For him, it never went away. Its infinitely superior qualities have remained his yardstick in every hi-fi product he’s created. What’s more, he firmly believes that in order to create excellent-sounding hi-fi products in any format, one must first have a detailed understanding of the recording process – which is why Metaxas is currently one of the most prolific analogue tape recording engineers in the world. He doesn’t record music to sell, but rather for his own professional research and expertise, fine-tuning his ear and his skills as an engineer. “There’s no doubt that the absolute best ‘source’ for reproduced music is analogue tape and that reel-to-reel tape recorders are the best way to record and capture music, bar none. This is a fact, not open for discussion,” he affirms.

    Over the years, Metaxas has worked particularly closely with Stellavox and so, to honour his love for that brand, the design of the new Metaxas open reel tape recorder will draw heavily on the classic Stellavox SM8 – with the full blessing of Stellavox’s founder Georges Quellet.

    The Metaxas & Sins ‘GQT’ (Georges Quellet Tribute)

    The Metaxas & Sins ‘GQT’ (Georges Quellet Tribute) is a portable analogue tape machine designed for on-location recording as well as for home or studio playback. Biased for either SM468 or SM911 1/4″ analogue tape, it operates at 15ips using a brushless DC motor in a purely mechanical operation. In other words, it’s built like a large mechanical Swiss watch mechanism – with absolutely no logic controls or other computer-controlled components. The circuits use 100% discrete transistors and feature parts comparable in construction to those found in decks crafted in the 1960s and early 1970s before the introduction of logic controls and 5534 operational amplifiers.

    “The result is a ‘kinetic art object’,” says Metaxas. This is typical of the company’s approach, in which time-honoured design and craftsmanship are married with cutting-edge innovation and genuine invention. For a designer with a deep respect for the classics and a keen urge to reinvent and take them forward, it was irresistible. “Magnetic tape technology is extremely complex. It places the highest demands on detail and precision in design and engineering,” says Metaxas. “But its sound qualities have never been bettered so it’s 100% worth the challenge. For me, it’s absolutely essential that open reel tape continues to exist – and indeed thrive – alongside other formats. I’m genuinely honoured to be playing a small part in making that happen.”

    “Be there”

    Metaxas & Sins will launch the ‘GQT’ (Georges Quellet Tribute) open reel tape recorder at The Munich High End Show on 10th-13th May 2018 in Hall 1.0, Stand DO1a.

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  4. edmararj

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    Desde 2 Out 2008
    Rio de Janeiro
  5. edmararj

    edmararj Usuário

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    Desde 2 Out 2008
    Rio de Janeiro
  6. edmararj

    edmararj Usuário

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    Desde 2 Out 2008
    Rio de Janeiro
    Patricia Barber Cafe Blue Master Quality Reel To Reel Tape (2 Reels)


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    For the first time, Premonition Records releases Patricia Barber's audiophile classic, Café Blue, on open reel analog tape: two 1/4" reels (10.5 inch) at 15 ips IEC (CCIR). This version of Café Blue was remixed by the original recording engineer, Jim Anderson, at Capitol Studios in Hollywood in 2011. Utilizing Capitol's one-of-a-kind reverb chambers and EMT plate reverbs, as well as its classic Neve console, the remix delivered "sharper acoustic details, less reverb on Barber's voice, and a more assertive bass presence," according to Stereophile Magazine in its 5 star (SONICS) review of the 180-gram LP re-issue.

    The master tape copies are duplicated from Production Masters created by Doug Sax of The Mastering Lab using Premonition's 1/2" analog master of final mixes. Doug Sax describes his process: The Master tape supplied was a 1/2" NAB 15ips and was recorded at a true "0" level using Dolby SR. This tape was played on the Mastering Lab MCI using proprietary tube electronics designed by Sherwood Sax. A modified Dolby fed The Mastering Lab Console. Output was fed to an ATR 102 at 15ips using the IEC record curve. All tape was manufactured by ATR.

    The tape copying is done from the production master one at a time on ATR Magnetics analog tape by Jonathan Horwich at International Phonograph Inc. Jonathan Horwich describes his process:

    Each (blank) tape is copied from The Mastering Lab's production master played on a custom-built studio master ATR Services Ampex 102 through hand made Aria electronics. Custom wire is employed between the Ampex Aria electronics and a Studer 820A recorder where each 1/4" tape copy is recorded at 15ips IEC (CCIR) and 250 nanowebers. The tape machines are powered by special power cords plugged into hand-built line conditioners made especially for this application. Each tape machine is set on special acoustic fee to isolate the chasis from vibration.

    The two reels are packaged in ATR Magnetics Tape Care boxes for maximum protection and include custom labeling and inserts.

    • Master Quality Reel To Reel Tape
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    • Master tape was a 1/2" NAB 15ips
    • Output fed to ATR 102 at 15ips using the IEC record curve
    • Packaged in ATR Magnetics Tape Care boxes for maximum protection
    • Include custom labeling and inserts

    (sequence subject to change)
    1. What A Shame
    2. Mourning Grace
    3. A Taste Of Honey
    4. Ode To Billie Joe
    5. Too Rich For My Blood
    6. Mahna De Carnaval
    7. Inch Worm
    8. Wood Is A Pleasant Thing To Think About
    9. Nardis
    10. The Thrill Is Gone
    11. Romanesque
    12. Yellow Car III

  7. edmararj

    edmararj Usuário

    5.187 4.918 701

    Desde 2 Out 2008
    Rio de Janeiro
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