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Rest mode has stopped working since Expanding my storage to a USB hard-drive

Discussão em 'PlayStation' iniciada por jaisonsharma, 12 Out 2018 às 11:36.

  1. jaisonsharma

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    I use Rest Mode every day on my Pro as I have for years and have never had an issue (other than a few occasions where i have had to forcefully remove the power).

    Yesterday I added a 4TB Seagate USB hard-drive and everything was good but the first time I came out of Rest I had a black screen.
    Tutuapp 9apps showbox

    The PS4 hadn't crashed as I was still able to navigate the menus (From memory) and shut it down.. I didn't see a connection with the HD until it happened again.. And now I have tested, the same thing happens 70% of the time.

    I have read a few suggestions but nothing has helped, namely:

    1. Rebuilt the DB
    2. Changed HDCP from Auto to 1.4
    Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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  2. Linconln

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    I changed my internal to ssd and use a 2 TB external...
    Had no problems in the rare ocasions I left it in the rest mode.
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