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    Sony Cineza VPL HS 20 praticamente novo

    Custava 4.500,00 dólares

    When a sample of Sony's VPL-HS20 arrived in our photo studio, naturally we hooked it up to see how it looked. After a hasty setup, we watched Panic Room (a "torture-test" DVD for any non-CRT display due to the movie's numerous dark scenes). And even though the 8-ft. image was projected at an angle onto a plain white wall, the picture quality was outstanding! Several people compared it to watching a movie at the local art-house theater.

    The VPL-HS20 is Sony's top Cineza projector. Comparing it side-by-side with lower-priced projectors, it's instantly obvious that the 'HS20's picture is much clearer, more detailed, and more effortlessly filmlike. And its numbers back that up: Each of its three high-resolution LCD panels has over one million pixels, not to mention impressive light output and contrast ratio. (When it comes to front-projector picture quality, contrast ratio is as important as resolution.) Also, the 'HS20's 12-bit video processing yields much finer color and grayscale gradations than the more common 10-bit processing.

    The VPL-HS20's 1386 x 788-pixel resolution is slightly higher than the 720p HDTV standard, allowing the projector to do a beautiful job displaying HDTV signals. (HDTV reception requires a separate HDTV tuner.) HDTV, as well as all other signals, are converted by the excellent internal scaler so that they precisely match the projector's 788p native resolution. (We were pleasantly surprised at how good a standard DIRECTV feed looked.) We totally agree with early reviews which are calling the 'HS20 a major step forward for Sony's LCD projection technology.

    With its HD-capable resolution and standard-throw lens, the 'HS20 is a good choice for medium- and larger-sized rooms. For example, to display a gorgeous 100-inch image, plan on positioning the projector roughly 13-15 feet from your screen (you can place it on a table, or ceiling-mount it with an optional bracket).

    Front-projection displays always look best in a totally darkened room, but Sony includes some useful adjustments that let you boost brightness to overcome room light, or enhance contrast for a more cinema-like image. There are 3 pre-set picture modes — Dynamic, Standard and Cinema — that provide different balances of brightness and contrast for enjoyable viewing even with some daylight or room light. The Cinema Black Pro menu selection gives you independent controls for both the lamp and iris shutter — both let you adjust the light output for a picture with higher contrast/lower brightness, or vice versa.

    The 'HS20's versatile array of inputs includes composite video, S-video, and HD-compatible component video, plus two pure digital inputs: DVI and HDMI (it stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and you'll be seeing more HDMI-equipped components throughout 2004). Sony's flexible "PJ Multi" connection and supplied adapter cable can accommodate sources with composite, S-video, or standard/HD component video output. (Click on "More Photos" above for a close-up look at the VPL-HS20's connections.) Finally, a Memory Stick® slot is included so you can quickly show JPEG digital photos & MPEG movie clips to friends and family.

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    Desde 16 Jan 2011
    projetor? qtos lumens?? qto tempo de uso?
  3. danielromaobr

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    Desde 10 Nov 2007
    Mil perdões, não vi sua pergunta.
    Ficou em uso por 1 ano, depois ficou guardado.
    Está com cara de novo.
    Deve ter sido usado por umas 200 horas aproximadamente.
    1.300 lumes.
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    Desde 28 Out 2007
    Esta disponivel?
  5. danielromaobr

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    Desde 10 Nov 2007
    Está sim, Satin
  6. danielromaobr

    danielromaobr Usuário

    Desde 10 Nov 2007
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