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    Style 360 right and yeah fiber technology interesting ways to incorporate technology with our clothes that sort it's not like a bunch of pre-made t-shirts sitting in a factory somewhere it's only made to order so in that way it is helpful like these companies they just have like a million blank t-shirts and then they print whatever gets ordered so in that way that is not the worst way to make t-shirts depending on you know

    Style For 360 what materials the t-shirt was made out of and what kind of inks are using can you do a series on accessories design no because that is not an area of expertise for me and you guys know I don't talk about stuff I don't know about doo doo doo Stella McCartney is using spider silk I definitely want to do some research for that type of fiber yeah yeah there I've read some like super dry like kind of obscure Studies on where they study spiders and spider silk because it's some of the strongest stuff in the world and you

    Online Fashion News know you don't have to kill any spiders for it mmm very very interesting I come from the cultural management background which is pretty difficult in Mexico right now I'm starting to get into sustainable fashion industry I wouldn't like to completely detach myself from culture what is your recommendation to combine those two areas I don't know what cultural management means is that something like tourism and you specify in the chat to meet up in Mexico at some point please here's the thing is I don't know
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